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Whether you are selling your house, moving into a smaller space or just trying to make better use of […]

How To Organize My Office

My husband and I have separate home offices.  Both rooms are small. My room is 9×11, and on one […]

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How to Design a Clutter-free Small Space

My home office space is a 9×8 room, with one single window a closet and two pieces of furniture. I have a small sofa and a wall unit desk combo in this room.  My home wouldn’t be considered small, but most of my rooms are small. Small living is becoming quite popular. Small homes are more affordable. They are also easier to care for. If you’re used to living in bigger spaces, you probably wonder how to make a small home comfortable, beautiful, and just right for […]

5 Apps That Make Your Home Life Easier

Society seems to hold women in high esteem. Why else does it expect you to successfully juggle several goals all at once? Women are expected to build happy homes for their families and maintain successful careers – while keeping themselves fit, youthful and attractive, to boot. While very few women manage to do all these according to lofty standards, almost everyone tries her best to get there. Fortunately, today’s technology helps to make things a little bit easier for women. Today, the market offers you a wide […]

10 Fixes to Increase the Value of Your Home without Blowing the Budget

Most people hesitate to renovate their homes because of the great financial outlay that is usually required. However, you don’t have to necessarily blow the budget. There are several practical and easy-on-the-pocket fixes you can carry out to increase the value of your home. 1. Overhaul your lights. Lighting contributes a lot to make your space look pleasant, cozy, comfortable, and even sophisticated – and it is not even expensive to do a lighting revamp. There are many options to achieve lighting do-over, including the use of […]

3 Reasons To Clean Green

Each time I think about purchasing green cleaning products, I wonder if this will be another expense and will it really do the job.  I also see a need to switch because my stronger cleaning products seems to affect my sinuses.  This is becoming more of a problem.  I did a little more research to see if switching to green products will improve my health.  1. How cleaning supplies affect your health According to the American Lung Association, cleaning supplies can cause irritation to our eyes and throat or […]

How To Pack For A Two-Week Road Trip Clutter Free

 August 2018, we took a two-week road trip. Our first stop was Savannah, Ga; our final stop was Patterson, NY. One thing I learned early on—planning your trip requires more than planning your daily activities. For me, packing is one of the most important parts of my vacation. I enjoy having my clothes organized.  And great snacks make the ride more enjoyable. I like fruit, nuts, Akins’ coconut bars, and bottled water for our snacks.  January 2018, my husband said, “We are going somewhere this year. I need […]