3 Reasons To Clean Green

Each time I think about purchasing green cleaning products, I wonder if this will be another expense and will it really do the job.  I also see a need to switch because my stronger cleaning products seems to affect my sinuses.  This is becoming more of a problem.  I did a little more research to see if switching to green products will improve my health. 

1. How cleaning supplies affect your health

According to the American Lung Association, cleaning supplies can cause irritation to our eyes and throat or cause headaches.  They can cause cancer.  Some cleaning products have volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are harmful gases produced and discharged into the air, and some may cause cancer. When VOCs are combined with other gases, they can cause air pollution.

We are using these products on our kitchen counter, dishes, bathrooms, and they are contributing to more health issues and air pollution. 

2.  What ingredients are in your cleaning products?

Did you know the Food and Drug Administration do not require cleaning manufacturers to list their ingredients? They say, since this is not a food, beverage, or drug, there is no need to regulate. 

But according to Business Ethics, the Environmental Agency requires cleaning manufacturers to list ingredients that are active disinfectants that may be detrimental to our health. Some manufacturers and the government don’t see a need to test any products that are not on their known concern list.  If you have not tested all products with chemicals, how will you know if they are safe?

But on the bright side, manufacturers are changing. On chemicalwatch.com, Walgreens announced in 2014 that, by 2019, they will list their ingredients on their entire brand name household cleaner line on the product labels. This is a fantastic start.

3. The benefits of green products

I would love to have the kind of health benefits that green products provide and see my sinus headache fade away.

 According to www.hertrack.com, some of the following are the benefit of green products.

  1. Green Products are made from natural biodegradable ingredients-non-toxic to the environment.
  2. They provide a healthier indoor air quality.
  3. They are designed to perform just as well as conventional cleaners.           
  4. Less toxins are exposed for kids and pets.
  5. Green manufacturers tend to be fully transparent and list the ingredients in their products.

Transitioning to green cleaning products will be a new and more positive experience for my family and my health.

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