4 Surprising Places to Store Your Weighted Blanket

I’m thinking seriously about buying a weighted blanket to reduce stress; It supposed to help me sleep better at night. What’s holding me back, is deciding on a place to store it.  I have read reviews on the best places to store weighted blankets and I would like share what I found.

Some of my family members have never heard of a weighted blanket. So let me explain what it is.

According to https://www.nectarsleep.com/posts/what-is-a-weighted-blanket/

A Weighted blankets are throw-sized blankets filled with weighted materials, such as plastic pellets. The feeling of weighted physical pressure can result in a calming effect . The weighted blanket uses the principles of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) or Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) to improve relaxation. These blankets come in different sizes and weights, and can be used by kids and adults to increase a sense of calm in their daily lives.

It is also quite heavy and bulky. It is difficult to carry, fold, and store. It is too bulky to drape over a decorative storage ladder, too hefty to hang on a hook or hanger, and too heavy to lift and store on a high shelf in a cupboard or closet. Oftentimes, you just want to leave it crumpled on the floor.

Assuming that you would be getting yourself a weighted blanket, you need to consider storage. How can you make sure that you will be able to store it safely without too much difficulty? And then how are you going to utilize and maximize whatever space you have in the most convenient way possible?

All about storage

Before we think about improvising storage for our weighted blanket, we might want to consider where in the house we are going to store it. Are you sleeping on the couch?  Do you have your own bed?  Do you share your room with someone else? Sometimes, it may look impossible to find that perfect spot, however, you CAN find space for storing your weighted blanket.

When looking for the appropriate place, you have to consider the weight and size of your blanket. Blankets for adults weigh between 15 and 25 pounds while those for kids can easily be between 5 and 12 pounds. While you can easily fit several regular blankets in one container, you need to look for a more suitable way to store your weighted blanket. Chances are high that it needs its own exclusive storage spot.

You may want to consider the following possible solutions:


An ottoman is an upholstered low stool that people use as a foot rest. With the rising popularity of small spaces, the ottoman has gained recognition as a multi-tasking piece of furniture. It is now common practice to use the ottoman as a side table or as an extra seat.

With its hollow center, an ottoman also functions as storage space. It is used to store books, board games, toys, books, towels, pillows, linens, and blankets.

You can store your blanket in an ottoman. Look for one that has sufficient space to accommodate the blanket. Check the bottom to make sure that it is suitably reinforced to carry the weight of the blanket. Using an Ottoman is highly recommended for persons who might be sleeping on the couch in the living room, since it’s part of the whole living room sofa set. Just place it as it would be in its normal position, you now have a foot stool that doubles as a container. On the other hand, if you have it in your bedroom you might want to put it where it’s not obstructive but is still visible. You might want to put it up against the wall not too far from your bed. Most ottomans have wheels. This makes it easier to move the blanket from one room to another.

2.Couch with fitted storage

Couches are hard-wearing furniture designed to hold up a lot of weight. Some couches come with a storage base. It could be short or long, depending on the availability of space.

Look for a couch that has enough space to hold a weighted blanket. It may not be able to fit in much more, but it will serve its purpose if it has enough room for your blanket. There is also a design where you just lift the seat of the couch like the hood of the car, and there it is; right underneath it is a large space. It is just enough, or even more for your blanket.

You can also get a couch that is created like a love seat, where two seats are connected together. This way, when you lift it, the space is extra-large or double the size of a single seater. Now, that would be an ideal storage space.

You can also use a sofa that has storage drawers in it. Instead of lifting up the seats, you can instead pull out the drawer from the front bottom part and put the blanket inside. The possible downside to this is the space may not be as big and the blanket may not fit. You might just have to spend more time looking for a couch that has a big pull out drawer.

Finally, if you are all about taking advantage of small living spaces, why not get a couch that converts into a bed? This couch can store your blanket, convert into a bed, and be an ordinary couch at the same time. All you have to do is push back the back rest until it is level with the seats, then you can open the seats to get your blanket and enjoy a good night’s rest.

If you want to doze on the couch, it will be simple enough to pull the blanket out and snuggle under it.

3.A decorative sack or bag

A large canvas bag works well for storing cumbersome items like weighted blankets.

Look for a bag that has a pretty design. Just stuff the blanket in any which way and put the bag away. You can rest the bag against the wall or set it in a corner and pass it off as a unique décor – or you can just drag it under the bed. When you use the blanket, you can easily fold the sack or bag and keep it in a drawer. The canvass bag works well because it is durable and resistant to tearing. You can also be creative if you are not able to find one with a design on it. You can actually create a design for yourself. Another type of bag would be an extra-large cotton laundry bag, which you can easily find online as well.

And if you like something a little bit sturdier, an extra-large nylon laundry bag would do. Either way, you’d find it very convenient and space saving. The downside might be that it won’t be as quick and as easy like the storage

sofa or storage Ottoman, wherein all you have to do is fold, flip up the cover, then close it. Nevertheless, the storage sack definitely helps if you are working with limited space. It only takes up space when you’re not using the blanket, otherwise you can fold and stash it under the bed.

Bottom Drawer Variations (in no particular order)

a. Under the bed drawers

This type is very convenient in such a way that it is located right below the bed. It is actually built into the bed for storage purposes. And you don’t have to carry the weighted blanket far from your bed. You can even roll the folded blanket right over the edge and into the drawer.

b.Bottom shelf in a closet that is built into the wall

This is great for bedrooms with extra space. It keeps the closet out of the way, since it is built into the wall. Just open the closet like you would a cabinet, put the blanket in the bottom, and you’re good. One downside though, is it might be a little bit farther away from your bed, and there’s no way you can adjust it, except if you decide to move the bed instead.

c.Bottom cabinet storage

This could either be a small bottom cabinet or a large standing cabinet with a space at the bottom shelf. You might want to make sure that it’s large enough to fit the blanket. Take note that that bottom shelf should be at floor level, similar to the built-in closet. The difference is the bottom cabinet storage may take up space as opposed to the wall closet. Nevertheless, it still is a practical vertical storage space.

d.Open shelf bookcase

It could be a shelf that can be used for storage, instead of books. It must be reinforced against the wall for stability, then the bottom open shelf must be big enough for the blanket to fit in. Just like the cabinet, you would have more options on where to put this furniture. It’s not like the built-in closet where it has to be planned along with the construction of the house. One more thing though. There are no doors to contend with. Just shove and fit.

e.Under-the-bed soft-sided drawer

This drawer is more like a square bag with a soft pliable frame that is stored underneath the bed to be pulled out, and unzipped to put the blanket in, and then pushed back under the bed. Its main function is to act like a drawer but without the danger of hurting your toes. This is especially when getting in and out of the bed. It’s much lighter and more adaptive to the size of the blanket, and it’s independent of the bed itself.

All in all, choosing your storage method as mentioned in this article, would really depend much on what your space allowances are. And you might also want to think about the safety and minimum effort it will take to store your weighted blanket. You don’t want to wake up in the morning, having to force yourself to lift the heavy blanket too far from your bed.

Go ahead and choose your own storage, and by the way, sweet dreams.


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