5 Apps That Make Your Home Life Easier

Society seems to hold women in high esteem. Why else does it expect you to successfully juggle several goals all at once?

Women are expected to build happy homes for their families and maintain successful careers – while keeping themselves fit, youthful and attractive, to boot.

While very few women manage to do all these according to lofty standards, almost everyone tries her best to get there.

Fortunately, today’s technology helps to make things a little bit easier for women.

Today, the market offers you a wide range of mobile apps to help you become more organized, stay on top of your tasks, achieve more – and even take better care of yourself.

Try using the following apps. They are among the best ones in the market that make home life easier. They help you face your everyday tasks with more ease, confidence, and flair.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an app you can use for your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You use it to take down notes, make your to-do list, write down scraps of important information, and serve as your personal digital assistant. It works across operating systems so you can put it in sync with all your devices.

Use Evernote to jot down random thoughts, reminders, and ideas. Use it to take audio, photos, or voice memos and attach them to your notes. Attach images, documents, spreadsheets and other similar files.  Scan photos with it.

Evernote enables you to file your documents and streamline all the information you need into one convenient digital storehouse. It is like a digital notebook that you carry around with you wherever you go to make your work and life easy.

2. Awesome Calendar Lite

This app allows you to track your schedules, manage your tasks, organize your events, take down important notes with photos, and even share the information with others.

The app allows you to stay on top of your various schedules and appointments. It has amazing features to make your hectic home life more manageable.

It inputs appointments and invitations. It enables you to set up alarms to remind you of your important appointments. It has a handy system for creating to-do lists, shopping lists, subtasks, and other lists to help you become more efficient and productive.

Awesome Calendar Lite is user-friendly. It is fun to use; it has snazzy color coding feature and fun stickers for your events.

3. Fast Lists

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, simple, and straight-forward app to create checklists and tick off done items, the Fast Lists app is for you.

Fast Lists does not have the alarm features and complicated functions that most list apps have. It is a basic list app. You use it make lists and tick off items you have completed – plain and simple.

Women often have lists that they use over and over again like grocery lists. This app is great for this purpose. It enables you to make lists that you can reuse and checklists that you can easily edit. You can delete items, change their order, and create sub-lists to keep your lists organized, useful, and tidy.

4. Mint

Mint offers a wide range of tools to help you plan and track your finances. It enables you to follow your bank accounts, credit card accounts, investments, and loans. It helps you track purchases so you can monitor your spending. Mint also helps you track your bills and reminds you to pay them when they are due.

Use the app to draw up budgets. Mint also recommends budget amounts for specific categories, basing these suggestions on an evaluation of your

spending history in these categories. You can adjust these budgets as you see fit.

You can set your budgets as you find convenient — once, every few months, monthly, or weekly. If you have variable expenses, you can  roll over overspent or unspent funds for the month onto the next month.

Mint helps you to keep an eye on your investments and your credit score. It provides useful tips on how to gain better control of your money.

5. Free Calm

Free Calm is one of the leading apps for sleep and meditation. It is recommended by therapists, psychologists, and experts in mental and emotional health.

Using the app leads to less anxiety, reduced stress, better sleep, and a more peaceful and serene disposition. It helps develop mindfulness, focus, and concentration. It helps develop an attitude of joy and gratitude.

Free Calm promotes stillness and composure through guided meditations, relaxing music, breathing techniques, and sleep stories. It helps beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners, through its wide variety of programs.

If you want to make sense of everything that you have to do to create a happy, meaningful, and productive home life, you don’t have to do it alone. Use the apps to make things easier for yourself.

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