5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

I’m a person who enjoys an organize lifestyle. One weakness I can’t seem to get a handle on is clearing up the paper clutter  in my office. I have the color code folders and a file naming-system and still I have an overload of folders with lots of papers.

Each month a new surge of papers are on my desk. I need someone to help me stay focus and find a plan that will work daily and monthly to keep my papers under control.

This morning I did a five minute Google search for help, I came up with the keyword “professional organizer”.  I decided to research what is a professional organizer and share with you tips that I have found.

According to professional organizer Lauren Manger, an organizer is a person who, as their chose profession organizes other people for a living and they can wear a lot of hats.

She also says we should think of a professional organizer as a combination of the following:

– Project leader
– Time manager
– Cleaning person
– 3-D puzzle whiz
– Accountability partner
– Life coach
– Recovering Perfectionist
– Someone who pays great attention to detail

Looking around my office I came to the conclusion, if I could have organized my files and papers myself, I would have already done that? I may need a professional organizer.

Why hire a professional organizer?

1.  A professional organizer can help you with a smooth transition to decluttering

On your own, or even with your loved ones, it is often difficult to get rid of clutter, especially when the clutter has been a part of your life for many years. A professional organizer on the other hand can look at things dispassionately and from a third person’s perspective.

And who knows? Maybe you don’t even need to de-clutter. Maybe you simply have to organize using an innovative method. A professional organization can introduce you to a better way of organizing your existing household items.

2. A professional organizer has more experience

Being a professional organizer, she has already helped scores, or even hundreds of households organize themselves. She has the tools. She has the resources. She has done the requisite research. A simple solution you may come up with in weeks or months, or maybe never, a professional organizer can come up with, within a few minutes.

3.Increase the resale of your home

Planning to put your house on the market? Want to throw open doors to prospective buyers? Wouldn’t it be better if you hired a professional organizer to make the interiors look clean, tidy, and well organized? A house with organized interiors has more resale value than a shabby or an unorganized looking house.

4. You don’t have enough time

The lack of time is one of the biggest reasons why your home remains in a cluttered state. A household that hasn’t been organized for a few years may take a few days before things are sorted. With a professional organizer working by your side, you will get professional opinion without being judged.

A professional organizer knows that a cluttered household isn’t always a problem of habit or attitude. Sometimes, people just don’t have enough time. If this is the case, a professional organizer can help you save a ton of time by giving you all the necessary tools and insights. You will get a beautiful home in no time. You will also put in place some tactics and organizational processes that will keep your house clean and de-cluttered, all the time.

5. You don’t want to ask one of your friends, sibling or relatives for help

Friends, siblings and relatives can be difficult to work with when you want to organize your home. They can be judgy, they can be preachy, or they will simply ignore certain aspects of your problem because they love you too much. Or you simply don’t want some secrets to come out from the depths of your mess, accidentally.

Whatever may be the reason, you want a person you don’t know but can trust, nonetheless. A professional organizer perfectly fits the bill. She comes with all the necessary tools, knowledge and experience. Want to know how to arrange your clothes so that you can find every possible cloth to wear within a couple of minutes in the morning? Your professional organizer will be able to tell you how.

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