5 Resources for Decluttering Your Home

An increasing number of people are starting to appreciate the advantages that come with decluttering their homes. However, going through the process is not as easy as some people make it out to be. If you are one of those individuals who want to declutter their homes (and, as a result, make life easier and more meaningful) but don’t know exactly how to go about it, don’t despair. There are several resources you can avail of to help you achieve your goal.

1.Try a downsizing service.

It is difficult to live a simple life when you have a lot of stuff around you. What is plain “stuff” to other people, however, is not simply “stuff” to you. The things you have accumulated through the years represent memories, sentiments, and traditions that are dear to your heart. Because they are important to you, you can’t simply do away with them.

A downsizing service can help you navigate your way into a smaller home. They can hold your hand while you go through the right sizing process. They will help you declutter your home, modify your space, and get rid of the non-essentials so you can have a simpler, better, and more meaningful life. They will work closely with you, helping you honor your past and look forward to the future. They will help you determine your priorities so you will find it easier and less stressful to get rid of the things that you don’t need.

2.Take an online class

Taking an online class on decluttering gives you the opportunity to work with people who have the proven tools and techniques to help you succeed in your endeavor. You have support. You become accountable for your actions. You have a better chance of success.

Taking an online class gives you structure. It gives you a plan. It gives you a timetable. It enables you to take small steps, get to know yourself better, and receive mentoring, coaching, and motivation. You are expected to commit to a plan – and receive help and support to stick to that plan and see results.

3. Look for a Flickr group.

Flickr is a social network and platform for sharing your photos. It accepts screenshots, art, videos, and images, as well. It has Flickr groups which anybody can join. These groups are formed around a central interest or idea.

Flickr gives you the opportunity to connect with people who are also trying to declutter and live simpler and more efficient lives. It gives its members the chance to share and celebrate their successes with others who are trying to do the same thing.

4. Explore DeClutter blogs.

There are websites dedicated to giving fun and informative information about organizing your home and office. These websites aim to help you in your efforts to downsize, get rid of clutter, stay organized, and streamline your space. They feature tips and techniques, product reviews, organization strategies, and reader questions and answers to help you declutter.  They help you achieve a cleaner, clutter-free, and better-looking space where you can work more efficiently or live a more relaxed and meaningful life.

5. Hire a professional organizer.

You know that you can’t work efficiently or live in peace when your space is a mess. You feel tense and anxious as a result of your disorderly and unorganized space. However, you can’t seem to get control of your belongings or get them organized; they overwhelm you and leave you feeling restless and hopeless.

Maybe it is time to hire a professional organizer to help you simplify your space and your life.

A professional organizer has the experience and training to create custom systems for you and help you develop organizing skills. He helps you manage your space, tame the chaos, and keep your life running smoothly.

A professional organizer has expertise in a wide range of areas including goal setting, time management, space planning, record management, paperwork management, cross-country moves, closet design, and the like. He can help you take the necessary steps so you can use your space to live and work more efficiently.

Not knowing how to go about it is NOT an excuse for not decluttering your space. You can achieve your goal because of the number of resources you have at your fingertips.




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