6 Tips – How to Declutter and Live A Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is not only a trend or a style. It is a lifestyle that reflects the way you live your life. There are a lot of reasons why minimalism is recommended and why it works. A minimalist lifestyle reduces clutter in your home and your style of living.

What is meant by Minimalist Living?

A minimalism can be described and characterized in so many ways, usually, there is one common theme to the movement: a viewpoint of living with less or an idea of simple living with things you most value and ridding yourself of anything that will divert you from your goal.

It can be used and applied to a lot of parts of one’s life, schedules, relationships, and many others- but the main part of living a minimalist lifestyle is often the home.

A minimalist home would have a few essential pieces of furniture in each room. However, the reality is that each one can practice minimalism in a different way. Minimalist homes are intentional. As such, you are living a minimalist lifestyle that usually involves decluttering, organizing as well as minimizing your home, so as to lead a simple and purposeful lifestyle.

So, how to declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle? If you want to know how to live a minimalist lifestyle without purging your possessions, then keep on reading. Here are the steps to follow a minimal way of living.

1. Start Slowly

As mentioned, it is a lifestyle. So, it needs to be a habit, and you don’t form habits right away. It takes time for repetitive actions. you must start gradually and slowly. Like for instance, you may need to stop buying fixtures and furniture first until you are 100 percent sure you have already determined the things you really want and need at home. Gradually lessen your spending every month until you reach your desired budget, one which supports all your wants and needs.

2. Declutter Through Keeping Just the Important

With regards to starting to declutter, the best thing to keep in mind is to just keep the things that are really important and meaningful to you. Keep those things with sentimental value. Move-in your home, easiest to complex, touching every item, and deciding. Ask yourself if something you want to keep brings value to your life. Ask yourself if the things you want to keep help you make the home that you want? Or is it distracting you?

Still, if you find it hard to decide whether to toss or keep something, expert suggests four specific questions to ask yourself concerning the specific item such as:

• Do I really need it?
• Why do I have it?
• Do I use it?
• What else could I use suppose I don’t have it?

3. Fight the Enticement to Purchase More

It is so hard to purchase fewer things in a time of constant as well as pervasive marketing- that is expert recommends turning down marketing and advertising when possible, it doesn’t matter if it means watching less television, unsubscribing from emails, throwing away junk mail and many others. Also, this can signify rejecting covetousness to concentrate more on the things which are meaningful to you. Consider the things which you want versus things which like advertising and greediness have caused you to like. Know what taste is as well as what makes you pleased in your space.

4. Be with Minimalist People

You will surely go back to your old ways when you still settle on to hang out with those who live an extravagant lifestyle. If you want to declutter and live a minimal lifestyle, then hand out more with those who are. Also, you can utilize the time with them to know more about how they live simple lives.

I am not telling you to ditch all your friends. On the other hand, the fact that you are trying to change your lifestyle, you better choose to whom to spend more of your time.

5. Know How to Let Go

You will surely let go of something and some people if you are trying to be minimalistic, and for someone who’s been keeping them, it is going to be a hard and long process.

Letting go is so hard as it means saying goodbye. Also, there is a chance that you have already attached yourself to them, and letting go is losing a part of yourself as well.

So, if you find it hard to do this, consider using subliminal affirmations or messages. A few days prior to pruning the process, listen to them. Also, you can download them as videos. These affirmations might carry messages concerning acceptance, about freedom, as well as about simplicity.

6. Concentrate More on Enrichment of Inner Self

You will discover how fast and easy it is for you to let go of the thing you do not want when you begin spending more time with the take caring care of your inner self. Rather than spending thirty minutes in from of the laptop, you can use the time to meditate. Instead of a shop, immerse yourself in nature. Love more people more than material things. Give more time than things to those who need it.


Knowing how to live a minimal lifestyle stars by using the word “NO.” No, I do not intend to purchase new phones. No, I will not add another commitment to my time. Regardless of where you decide to begin, decluttering life and taking some advices from an expert will assist in leading a simple and less cluttered lifestyle.

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