Five Ways To Get Rid Of Sentimental Clutter

Most of us have a little sentimental clutter. Some of us have more than a little, and it can be overwhelming to deal with. I will like to share five ways to get your clutter under control without having to feel guilty.

Parting with sentimental clutter isn’t always an easy task, so remember to take a ten-minute break with every thirty minutes of decluttering, and don’t forget to enjoy the memories these items represent while you’re at it!

1.) Throw it Away

 Let’s start with the most difficult option. Is this trash? Dealing with sentimental clutter is accepting that some of it might be trash.  How do you know if its trash? For me any item that has been broken for over six months; that cannot be repaired is trash and needs to be throw away.

If a stain has ruined a shirt or pair of jeans, I will usually keep one or two pair for messy clean up jobs around the house.

2.) Donate It

Donation doesn’t just have to mean Goodwill. Domestic violence shelters can accept gently used clothing and toys, and refugee centers need supplies. Your local school or community theaters are always happy to have new props and costumes too. Knowing that someone else needs your clutter more than you do can help you alleviate the guilt of having to give it away.


3.) Sell It

 If you have something of monetary value, the options to sell it always exist. An appraiser can help you decide if things like furniture or antiques could be worth something, and just about anything can be sold on apps like eBay, Nextdoor, or Facebook Marketplace. Exchanging your sentimental clutter for a little extra money can make it a little easier to part with.


4.) Organize It

 Is it really clutter if it’s nicely organized and stored? Once you have determined which items you can’t throw away, donate, or sell. It’s time to figure out what to do with what’s left.

Clear, plastic storage bins are great for organizing seasonal clothes in a way that will give you easy access to what’s inside of them with minimal effort. It helps to fill these bins by category of items, like sweaters, coats, boots and so on.

5.) Give it New Life

 Some of the things you’ve kept are special to you for a reason, so why not show them off? Shadow boxes are great for displaying small collections and Knick knacks. Childhood art projects can go into scrapbooks, and all those tee shirts from plays, concerts or old sports teams can be upcycled into a memory quilt or blanket. Having your sentimental items out in the open is a wonderful way to keep those good memories fresh! I love baskets. I have a few in most of my rooms. Some have books, others have my office supplies.

You have five tips to help you get rid of sentimental clutter. The next step, apply what you have learned.  How? Take thirty minutes once or twice a week with ten minutes breaks to start your decluttering.








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