Four Tips For Common Sense Cleaning

According to Webster’s dictionary, common sense is having good judgment in practical matters.

Many things we do daily may show we don’t use common sense. I would like to share four daily habits many of us may do daily without using common sense.

  1. Impulse shopper- Is your home filled with stuff you don’t really use? Do you have clothes in your wardrobe you have worn only once? If you are like me, you bought them not because you planned to buy but because of the emotional high you received when you saw the product. This is impulse shopping, and a lack of common sense, because I was buying to fulfill a temporary pleasure.

I have been guilty of being an impulse shopper.  Now, if I browse the internet, I take a few hours or days before clicking the buy button.

This gives me time to rethink before buying. Most of the time, I already have similar items in my closet or in my home. I like to ask myself, is this in my budget?  Using a little common sense helps me keep more money for things I really need. Plus, I have fewer things to clean or pick up.

  1. Taking your phone into the toilet- According to Metro News, using your phone in the bathroom is a pretty mingling habit that could expose you to other germs, like salmonella, E. Coli, and Clostridioides difficile Infection. They said, “The main worry is if you wipe yourself and flush the toilet and then touch your phone without washing your hands. This could expose you to dangerous bugs.”

Are You Using Your Employee’s Bathroom as Your Personal phone booth?

Common sense: If you are, you are putting your health at risk, and using your cell phone in the bathroom can interfere with your work productivity.

  1. Do you leave a mess- If you do, you affect everyone that comes into your environment. If you are messy at home, you will be messy in public. Leaving a mess tells others you have little respect for your surroundings.

When we clean up after ourselves, we are showing consideration and respect for our family and other people we come in contact with.  The lack of cleaning up after ourselves affects every person on the plant, our “communal home”.  We all live here in this house. We’re each responsible for keeping it clean.

  1. Putting your feet on the coffee table- Relationships can be come undone over trivial things, such as table manners. People who prop their feet on a coffee table may not think how repulsive or unsanitary this can be. According to, it doesn’t matter how clean your feet are. They are constantly in contact with microorganisms that can potentially cause infections.

Sometime it is hard to maintain balance and common sense in our busy lives. These habits are hard to break-but if we can stay focused- and make small changes daily, they become relatively easier.



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