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Organize Clutter- Can You Make Money with your Organized Clutter

Funny thing about organizing clutter, whenever you think it is organized, you find one more spot that is cluttered.  New clutter in my home is not just from new items that my husband and I buy.  It also comes from stuff we already have- like too many small appliances, two drawers full of kitchen gadgets in my laundry room. I have a utility room with five large plastic bins filled with stuff.

I’m happy to say I cleaned up most of the clutter in my kitchen drawers and moved some to my laundry room. Most of my items, like pots, glass sets, and dishware sets, I gave to the Thrift stores.  I would like to continue the cleanup but also make money.

While talking with a neighbor today, we both agreed we had too much stuff in our utility house and needed to sell it or give it away.   He felt he wouldn’t get the same value for the price he paid. But I told him most people make the mistake of selling most of their stuff in one place.  I said, “You have to make sure you are selling your stuff in the right places.  If you want to sell clothing, you should sell with consignment stores online and off line that specialize in clothing.”  There is a site called that will provide you with a list of the best online consignment stores.

If you have old iPhones and other devises that work, make money by trading in your stuff for cash at sites like Gazell and Envirofone.

I have a few CDs, DvDs. locally, I can sell them at Sound Exchange in town. But if you like to sell online, use sites like or Music magpie. allows you to get a free instant valuation for your CDs, DvD or any tech device.

One of my brothers who sell a lot of his stuff said, “The best way to make money with your high end branded items is to sell on, or eBay.” He used both sites, but his preference is because it’s free to use for both sellers and buyers. There is a shipping fee and may include a service fee when you sell an item and the buyer wants it shipped instead of a pickup.

If you have the time and energy, you could organize a monthly garage sale. I haven’t personally done so. But I have neighbors who seem to have one every other month.  There is a positive; you will get rid of a bunch of clutter in one day. You may not make a lot of money, but you will be rid of your clutter. This is not for me because it takes a lot of planning and then putting your plan into action.

I would have to create signs, make sure to place them in the best location for customers to see, price and attach labels to bulk bin items and individual items, have the correct supplies, like tables, to make sure most items are placed at eye level.  I would also need a clothing rack to hang clothes after I have priced and tagged them.  For me, this create both physical and mental clutter overload.

I prefer to sell online with sites like or I have sent my first package to thredup.  I haven’t sold anything with What I like about these sites, you don’t have any selling fees or marketing fees.


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