How to Declutter and Minimize My Shoes

I have too many shoes and there is no way I will wear all of them on a weekly or monthly basis.  I have two pair that I wear daily, and four pair I wear about five times a month.  But I have a total of thirty pairs of shoes. This may not seem like a lot.

My space for shoes is very limited.  Therefore, I see a need to minimize and declutter my shoes. I like to share some of the fast and easy tips I have found.

Collect Shoes to Sort-Out

Your initial step is to ask yourself, which place do I wish to declutter first? Remember, perhaps you have a small collection of footwear scattered in your homes-like a hallway, a mudroom, and a closet.

It may be best to start with the smallest area first such as decluttering a small collection of shoes in the hallway, keep only the ones you use on a daily basis in this area.

Choose Your Favorite Shoes

A simple way of making headway in decluttering your shoes is to know which shoes you use most often. This will helps you easily cut a collection into; footwear that you will declutter and those you will keep. Let’s start by, taking your favorite shoes and then putting them aside. When done, you can concentrate on sorting out the rest of your shoes.

Choose a Pair of Shoes to Assess

It would help if you looked strictly at the practical value of your shoes.  However, it is vital to settle on whether this pair of shoes is worth keeping.

While some parts of a shoe can be fixed like zippers, there comes an instance when even the most expensive repairs cannot  help. So, if that time comes, maybe you need to say goodbye to your favorite shoes.

Perhaps you will want to get rid of shoes which are:

  • Too small or too big for your feet
  • Not comfortable to wear
  • Hopelessly cracked, scuffed, worn or torn
  • Stinky or stained

You may also need to eliminate shoes which are:

  • Outdated or out of style
  • No longer of interest to you
  • No longer needed

Assess Shoes in Accordance to Personal Taste

After knowing the sensible reason for whether or not to keep a pair of shoes, your next step is to assess the shoe collection according to your personal preferences. This is a challenging process, but it will prove to be most valuable as you declutter your shoes.

Remember, you always make the last decision as to what goes and what stays.

To help you decide, you need to ask yourself the following questions: how often will I wear this shoe? Why am I am holding onto this shoe?  Do I need this shoe?

Still, if you have an issue deciding what shoes to toss, keep these key points in mind:

  • Always prioritize comfort
  • Stick with neutral hues
  • Stick with classic styles
  • Stick to a particular number of shoes

Dispose of Unwanted Shoes Properly

Think of donating your unworn shoes to an aid organization or a charity institution in your area. See if there is a shoe or clothing recycling program offered in your local area for old, unwearable, or damaged shoes.

Last but not least, if you have bought a pair of shoes a few weeks ago and realize you are not going to use them, you may return them. Some stores out there offer a generous warranty on various kinds of items, one example is Chacos. So, make sure to pay attention to it. However, prior to returning your shoes, make sure to bring the receipt and read the return policy imposed by the shoe store.

So, how about you? Do you have issues about minimizing and decluttering your shoe collections? Do you have a shoe storage ideas that you can share with others to make the process easier and less stressful?



  • Tina Rance

    I was laughing to myself after reading this section of your clutter talk. I have sooo many shoes, at least 100 pair or more. Shoes under the bed, in the closet, in two boxes, and a shoe rack in my garage.
    I’m afraid to throw some of them away. I did throw some shoes away about five years ago, but found myself wishing that I hadn’t gotten rid of some of them. Realizing,
    Oh! , that pair of shoes could have gone with this outfit . Lol. But, I need to bite the bullet and declutter my shoes again in the near future.

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