How To Get Rid of Clutter and Overwhelm

Laura responds to real-life questions, How to get started de-cluttering and achieving clutter clarity without the dreaded overwhelmed Laura's answers will surprise you.

1) How do I handle my hoarding teenager?
2) How do you declutter a stuffed basement when you have no time or energy?
3) How to get more done without the hurry and worry?

These real-life situations were presented to Laura during her presentation to the National Charity League of Concord/Carlisle, MA.

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  • Shelley Hendry

    Hello Laura, I have come across your post I do believe on YouTube and I am so glad I did! I feel somewhat desperate for solutions that should have been implemented in my life years ago. I am ready to receive instructions and help on how to do this process of cleaning up my life! De-cluttering! Do you have a book that you have written on the subject? I feel like I need some resource to help me go step by step. I also feel that you offer the understanding of the the intense feelings of being overwhelmed snd feeling guilty about the conditions things have gotten in because of the inability to get things going in a tight direction. What do you suggest as far as trying to follow you in your suggestions to going forward in a productive way? That’s why I asked if you had a book. Please let me know. I want to live differently and I am struggling to NOT GIVE UP ON MYSELF. I want to take control of this problem with the mess of STUFF. Thank you in advance for any answers you may have to help direct my efforts.

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