How To Pack For A Two-Week Road Trip Clutter Free

 August 2018, we took a two-week road trip. Our first stop was Savannah, Ga; our final stop was Patterson, NY. One thing I learned early on—planning your trip requires more than planning your daily activities. For me, packing is one of the most important parts of my vacation. I enjoy having my clothes organized.  And great snacks make the ride more enjoyable. I like fruit, nuts, Akins’ coconut bars, and bottled water for our snacks.

 January 2018, my husband said, “We are going somewhere this year. I need a vacation.” We both agreed on Patterson, NY.  The second week in January, I visited YouTube to learn an easier way to pack for a two-week vacation.    It surprised me that so many frequent travelers felt packing tools were the key to a great trip.  I would have to agree; luggage and packing cubes make for a more enjoyable trip.

Right Packing Tools

We used suitcases and two nylon bag coolers.  I needed to buy individual packing cubes for clothes, toiletries, and supplements.

I bought 2 sets of the 6Pc. Travel Storage Bag Waterproof Clothes Packing Cube Luggage Organizer on eBay for my husband and me. I also bought the OK Lady Insert Handbag Organizer Purse Large Liner Organizer and a Multifunction Travel Bag for my husband.

My best find was from I found the Joy 4-piece Better Beauty case set that consisted of small and extra-large organizers.   I didn’t have to worry about my snacks or toiletry getting tossed around in my bag. 

Planning My Outfits And Shoes

I was appreciative that we traveled in the month of August.  In the Southern states, it was hot in the day and cooler at night. The Northern states were cooler all the time.  Before booking my rooms online, I called each hotel to ask about the weather.  Everyone was spot on; a few desk clerks suggested bringing rain wear.  In the Northern states, they suggested a light jacket if I was cold natured. This was priceless information because I’m very cold natured.  

With this information, I planned and packed my outfits for one week. I did laundry as needed in the hotels. 

 I packed one black and one white wide band tank top, one white camisole top, four printed fitted polyester tee shirts, two pairs of jeans, one solid red polyester dress, and one print green polyester dress. I also packed one pair of pajamas, undergarments, and socks for each day. I like to keep my accessories simple- one necklace, one set of earrings, and one set of silver bracelets. 

For shoes, I packed one pair of sandals, one pair of black flats, and I wore my tennis shoes most of the time.

 Most hotels are a little pricy for self-laundry facilities. But for me, it was easier than having to pack extra clothing.  I was pleasantly surprised that the Ethen Allen Hotel in Danbury, Ct offered free use of their laundry facilities.  You have to buy your own detergent or any cleaning supplies you need. 

We included a stop in Springfield, Virginia and Washington, DC for two days of sightseeing and a few hours with my family living in Springfield, Virginia.  Both states were cooler in the morning, and by midday, it was warmer. Later in the evening, it became cooler again.  I packed clothes I could easily layer and mix and match.

Sweaters And Jackets

Knowing I’m more cold natured than most, it took me a minute to decide what type of sweater and jacket to pack. Based on my phone conversation with the desk clerk in Springfield, VA, I decided on a 100% cotton /algodon hooded black sweater jacket. When we arrived in Springfield, it was cooler. Across the street from the hotel was JC Penny’s. I found a gray fleece sweater jacket. It works and fits nicely in my luggage.

Supplements And Toiletries

Supplements and toiletries can become a packing nightmare for me. I prefer to pack like a minimalist when traveling. My husband loved to pack without boundaries.   We used one multifunction travel bag per person for supplement and toiletries.   We had to scale back, but it really worked.


Long trips can become tiring when you cannot find a radio signal and when you can’t locate phone reception for your cell phone and iPad. To keep thing moving smoothly, I like to have a few CDs on hand.  I have a 2-piece clear organizer container I like to keep up front with all my CDs, chargers, and earphones.  I always have something downloaded on kindle that I can read.


We used two nylon coolers for our cooked food.   I had baked chicken, steamed rice, and black and red beans. We both are on a low-sodium diet, and I wanted this to last for one week.

Everything worked great the first few days. About the fourth day, it became a job. After the fourth day, each stop, I had to take everything out of the cooler to clean up all the water from the melted ice and add more ice for the next stop.

 Plus, both coolers are collapsible and made of nylon material. I had to make sure there were a lot of towels underneath the cooler; if not, it would have stained the hotel carpet. I said this is the first and last time for this.  Next time, we will use our “HOTLOGIC Mini”. This is a lunchbox that cooks, reheats, and keeps food hot for hours. Plus, we could fix our meals as needed. We could always stop at a supermarket and pick up what we would need for that day.

I enjoyed our trip, except for the cooler problem.   

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