Need More Storage Space? Multi-Functional Furniture that Doubles as Storage

I love multi-functional furniture; I have two sofas that transforms into a single and double bed.

I have a wall unit in my office and another in my family room.

Most of the items that I have listed below are items I have or similar pieces of furniture. Multi-Functional furniture allows me to maximize all of my living space.

You want to make maximum use of space, especially when you live in a small apartment or a condo.

Choose well-designed multi-functional furniture. They transform, do double duty, and adapt to your needs. They boost your home’s storage space.

Interesting multi-functional furniture includes the following:

  • Storage cubbies

Push cubbies against a window; put beautiful cushions on top and you have instant window seats that have the expensive look of built-in seats.

Tuck colorful baskets into the cubbies and store board games and stuffed toys in them to keep your home free from clutter.

  • Wall units

Wall units delineate functional “zones.” They make great dividers to separate your living, office, dining, and sleeping areas.

Use wall units with open shelves to showcase accent pieces and pretty wicker baskets that do double duty as storage space.

  • Ottoman

An ottoman serves as a footstool. However, it can also be used to provide additional seating. Put a tray on top and you have an instant coffee or cocktail table.

Look for ottomans which have space inside. You can use the space to keep linens or beddings.

  • Bar cart

A bar cart has a wide range of uses. It can function as a refreshments service cart, a side table, or a coffee station. It can be used to store makeup or towels. If it comes with wheels, it can be transferred from room to room with ease.

  • Benches

Do not underestimate benches; they are useful and versatile pieces of furniture.

Stack books on them. Use them as a TV stand.  Put cushions on top and you have extra seating for your dining table.

  • Vintage trunk

A vintage trunk doubles as an accent piece and a low end table. You can use it for stacking books or for holding a tray of drinks.

Use the interior of the trunk to stow away throw pillows or blankets.

  • Portable tables

Portable tables can function as TV tables when the kids decide to eat in the living room. They can be used as extensions of the dining table when guests come for dinner. They can serve as office tables or as study or writing desks.

Choose portable tables that are stackable or foldable so you’ll need very little space when you put them away.

  • Studio beds

When you live in a studio apartment, the bed is probably your biggest piece of furniture. It also serves multiple functions. You sleep on it, sit on it, watch TV on it, and probably even have dinner-on-a-tray on it.

A pull-out sofa is a good choice for small living. It works as a couch during the day and as a bed at night when you pull out the frame and mattress hidden underneath and make your bed.

A convertible sleeper is another good option. It doesn’t take as much space as a pull-out bed. It doesn’t have a mattress concealed within its frame. You just change its configuration and lie down on the cushions.

Convertible sleepers come in a variety of modern designs. Choose one with beautiful leather upholstery or eye-catching fabric so it serves as an accent piece as well.



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