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Declutter for Clarity

Whether you are selling your house, moving into a smaller space or just trying to make better use of the space you have, you could probably stand to de-clutter your life. It’s one of the main points of staging a home, and while many people choose to hide their stuff for the sale and then drag it to the next house, this only adds more work with very little pay off. Why not take this opportunity to free yourself from clutter? Bid adieu to the stuff, it’s […]

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Declutter Your Life

Decluttering Tips For Your Physical And Emotional Freedom Our home is an outward indication of our inner experience-a reflection of our personality.  What I have in my home expresses how I live and how I decorate (or don’t decorate). Pictures I have on my wall tell others about who I am. My home tells my family story, what we enjoy doing, how we are feeling, and how we spend our time. I believe that every part of our home is an outer picture of our mental and […]

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