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Life Is a Stage So Is Your Home

How To Stage Your Home To Sell In less than two years, my husband will be retiring. I’m not sure if we will be selling our home. Now is a good time for me to research how to stage my home in case we decide to downsize to a smaller home. I would like to share some ideas I found. What is home staging? Staging your home is merely arranging your furniture in an appealing manner with the goal of staging  your home to sell. This may require […]

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Declutter Your Life

Decluttering Tips For Your Physical And Emotional Freedom Our home is an outward indication of our inner experience-a reflection of our personality.  What I have in my home expresses how I live and how I decorate (or don’t decorate). Pictures I have on my wall tell others about who I am. My home tells my family story, what we enjoy doing, how we are feeling, and how we spend our time. I believe that every part of our home is an outer picture of our mental and […]

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