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Juggling 5 Resources When Decluttering or Downsizing

These 5 resources make it so much easier to trust your decisions. Turn “Don’t know what to do” into “That’s the right decision for me!” Everyone has a unique combination of these resources. Considering them helps create a pathway for what’s right for you. BONUS: Considering these resources will help make good decisions throughout life, not just when you’re going through your stuff.

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Turning Clothes Clutter Into a Gift: Alice’s Story

Can you believe it’s possible to ENJOY downsizing? The secret is making sure that what you do with your clutter fits who you are. Learn from Laura’s original perspective and professional organizing tips so you can feel good about getting rid of stuff, whether you’re decluttering and staying put, or downsizing and moving. This charming video features Laura helping Alice “get rid of” her collection of cherished vintage dresses before moving to a continued care retirement community. Instead of selling or donating the dresses, Laura finds a […]

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